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Sabrina Ponte is a multi-faceted performer, accomplished singer-songwriter and signed model and actress. Sabrina most recently released first EP Mascara Stains which is available everywhere music is streamed.


Ponte showed promise in her future beginning at a young age. Growing up, Sabrina was actively involved within her church choir, and participated in theater and opera. Her passion for music would eventually lead her to graduate from the New England Conservatory of Music while in high school and go on to graduate Berklee College of Music. Additionally, Sabrina is a singer with the nationally acclaimed Nashville Symphony and will performed this February at Carnegie Hall.

Sabrina is a woman of immense talent; in addition to singing, modeling, and acting, she has competed in both the Miss America and Miss USA Organizations. Sabrina seeks to make a difference within her community, and she uses the power of music to reach that goal. Sabrina is incredibly passionate about giving back which is the motivation for all of her endeavors. 


“I truly hope to use my platform and influence, regardless of how big, to be able to make a difference. One person can make a difference, not everyone needs to do what we think are big miraculous things because one small thing can really be that miraculous thing in someone’s day. Kindness can work as a domino effect.”


To keep up with all things Sabrina Ponte, follow her on all social media platforms for more information.

Mascara Stains Out NOW
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